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Beauty Arts Studio is equipped with the highest quality of products and services for your salon experience. Our licensed and well-trained staff are dedicated to providing custom treatments based on your wants and needs within your scheduled service time. Our mission is to provide an environment that you can trust when spending your quality time and money. There is nothing more important to us than your safety and comfort when you visit our salon. If there is any kind of miscommunication or dispute, please let us know at the time of your service, before you leave the salon. We will be more than happy to redo/repair any services that didn’t meet your expectations.

We welcome your questions and will address your concerns concisely and openly with your safety and total satisfaction in mind.

  • We sanitize and disinfect all reusable manicuring tools in accordance with health regulations and best industry practices. We use medical grade autoclave to sterilize and sanitize our equipment for all services and treatments.
  • We have cleaning protocols, required by the health department and recommended by the product manufacturer. We have safety procedures that are done after every client, and at the end of every day.
  • All pedicure liners are disposable to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus, and infectious diseases. Each client will be provided with a one-time use pumice kit including files, buffer, toe separators, and pumice bar.
  • We use disposable needles and blades for permanent make-up.
  • We use clean towels for each client.
  • We take steps to minimize your expose to odors, vapors, and filling dust in the salon.

We take pride in our professionalism. We will evaluate the health of your nails before your service and refer you to a physician if there are cuts and/or any skin irritations that may affect your service. We will make recommendations for at-home maintenance of your nails, eyelashes, and brows. We encourage you to understand your own role in keeping your nails, eyelashes and brows in a healthy and attractive condition.


Kathy Nguyen

 I’ve been creating nail ideas for over 16 yrs. and have always enjoyed making women look beautiful.  Being an expert in permanent make up, aw well micro blading services my standards are high and I provide each clients with the professionalism and care they expect.

Lily Tran

I’m Lily Tran, I have been working as a nail technician for over 14 years.  I love my job and enjoy seeing the smile on my client’s face while viewing their beautiful nails. I believe in making every client feel special and provide them with the latest in beauty trends. I continue to update my knowledge because I want to make every woman to feel happy and beautiful.

Dina Le

Hello, my name is Dina Le, I have been doing nail art for over 13 years.  I chose the career that I always wanted Professional Nail Technician, offering clients, a variety of nail ideas.  I take great pride in ensuring my clients leave the salon extremely satisfied with the professional services they receive.

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